New Partnership with Paired Air!


The Napokie Foundation has just recently formed a partnership with a new and innovative organization called Paired Air! Paired Air is a social enterprise on a mission to accelerate the efforts of global organizations around the world by creating a new way to send vital goods and donated supplies to remote locations. They have partnered with the Napokie Foundation along with several other community organizations in the Arusha-Moshi area of Tanzania. If you have plans to travel to Tanzania, please get in touch with us to deliver much-needed materials and products to organizations in Tanzania. They also have partnerships with organizations in Haiti and Nicaragua.

Please visit for more information or click on their logo below to visit their website.


Volunteer Opportunities at Napokie!

We are looking for experienced volunteers to assist us with researching and procuring small grants, or implementing fundraisers, to kick-start the development of the following projects:

1. Rainwater Harvesting Tanks: The village of Lendikinya of Napokie’s Mrandawa Initiative has had increasing issues with water accessibility. We are working to raise the funds to provide at least two Sim Tanks (rainwater harvesting tanks) to begin securing the community’s access to water. We have a current fundraiser aimed at this project:

The total funds needed for the puchasing and set up for the two SimTanks comes to $6,252. We would also like to implement a leadership training for community members to actively participate in setting up the tanks in order to ensure their upkeep in the future; this add-on would be $1500.

Volunteers who know of avenues we can work towards for getting a grant to obtain and set up these Sim Tanks, please contact us.

2. Maasai Language Institute: This is a project focused on providing an income to the development of Napokie’s Namelok School. This project will be an adult education center that teaches volunteers, professionals, or any interested individuals the language of Maa (the Maasai’s indigenous language). It will be used to uphold the Maa language and prove that indigenous languages also have value in the national and global system. The institute will also be supplemented with occasional cultural exchanges to the Namelok School in the village of Terrat where participants will practice their Maa with the community, teachers and students!

The start-up costs of this project are relatively low, needing at least $2000 to properly kick-start it with immense room for growth and enormous impact potential on the community for the long-term.

Volunteers who are experienced with procuring small grants to kick-start a creative cultural venture in East Africa, or know of any avenues for obtaining seed grants for a project like this, please contact us.

**Although the Napokie Foundation is not 501 (c)3 registered, we have partners in the USA which we can use as fiscal sponsors for any larger grants that we want to apply for.

NOTE: Volunteers who are also interested in starting their own independent fundraisers are strongly encouraged to contact us.

All volunteers on these projects will be given the credit they deserve, including credit on our website and, if requested, becoming permanent affiliates on our small (but quickly growing) nonprofit.

Please email us at

New Partnership with Arusha-based Vision 4 Youth


A special thanks to the amazing representatives at Vision 4 Youth who have just recently partnered with the Napokie Foundation to implement capacity-building workshops for our Community Director at the Namelok School. They have hit the ground running, already travelling to the Terrat village over the weekend and putting in some impressive work to assist the local management with designing projectional growth budgets and business plans for our income-generating projects in the village!

We couldn’t be more blessed to have their support! Please check out their organization and their amazing projects underway in Arusha, Tanzania. (Click on logo below to visit their site!)


Interested in Women’s Empowerment and Social Impact Investing? Contact us About an Exciting Opportunity in Tanzania!

Interested in Women’s Empowerment and Social Impact Investing? Contact us About an Exciting Opportunity in Tanzania!

Interested in supporting an incredible development in the village of Terrat in Simanjiro through the launching of social enterprise ventures? Want to become involved in a formative moment for community development in Maasai land – Tanzania? Got knowledge? Got skills? Got ideas? Contact us!

We are developing a team of supporters, leaders, and pro-bono consultants to assist us with income-generating projects that will sustain the Namelok School in Terrat, Simanjiro. 

This is an incredible opportunity for individuals with knowledge and expertise on income-generating activities, social business development, and rural economic development. Anyone with knowledge and skills to share accompanied with the belief and passion for volunteering for the good of the community, contact us ( and we can start the conversation regarding the launch of several income-generating projects!

Exciting Developments for Napokie’s Namelok School!


Big Developments happening at the Namelok School!

(Scroll Down for Kiswahili version)

Napokie and our partners BeSomeoneNYC have secured the funding for an entire school system in the village of Terrat in Simanjiro. The incredible organization Building Bridges Worldwide will be putting up the costs for the school along with the launching of several income-generating projects to ensure the Namelok School’s future sustainability! We need to give a huge thanks to our partners BeSomeoneNYC who have been putting in work and making things happen in NYC!

The construction of the school will begin in July and completed in August. In just several months, our Community Director, Nasinyari Marko, will finally reach her dream of establishing a self-sufficient school system for the children in her community of Terrat.

You can keep updated with these developments through our website/blog:

How our supporters can help: 

If anyone is interested in participating in any of the developments listed below, please email us at

1. We will be organizing a two week trip to Tanzania in August for volunteers who want to assist with the completion of the school’s construction. Volunteers will be working alongside the Terat community and will experience the excitement and wonder of the Maasai culture while getting to know the community and children. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who would like to be part of a formative and vital moment for community development in the Maasai land of Simanjiro.

2. IN NYC? So are we! Jaclynn Chiodini, Co-Founder and Coordinating Director of the Napokie Foundation, is currently residing in NYC and working directly with volunteers from BeSomeoneNYC to cement the logistics and funds to launch this incredible development for the Namelok School. IN TANZANIA? We are currently building a team of volunteers in-field in Tanzania to work with Nasinyari and community members with the initial planning stages for the school and income-generating projects. SOMEWHERE ELSE ON THE GLOBE? If you are anywhere else in the world and want to participate in the planning stages of the school and peripheral projects, please feel free to contact us. Napokie has a team of global volunteers and supporters so interested individuals from around the world are encouraged to contact us and we can discuss how you can be involved.

3. Income-generating ideas. Any individual who is interested in discussing ideas for income-generating projects to sustain the school system, please contact us! We are more than happy to work with creative and innovative ideas from anyone who has experience with sustainable social enterprises and community development in rural regions — or just someone with a great idea! Send us an email and we can talk!


Kuna Maendeleo Makubwa kwa shule ya Namelok! Napokie na washirika wetu wa BeSomeoneNYC tumepokea michango wa kutosha tujenge mfumo mzima wa shule kwa kijiji cha Terrat katika Simanjiro! Chama hiki kinaitwa Building Bridges Worldwide. Watu wa Building Bridges Worldwide wameamua kufadhili ujenzi wa shule pamoja na bei za kuanza kwa programu zingine za kutoa fedha ili tuhakikishe kwamba Namelok itadumisha kwa baadaye. Tunapenda kutoa shukurani kwa wasaidizi wa BeSomeoneNYC. Wamefanya kazi sana tufike hiyo mafanikio!

Tutanza ujenzi wa shule mwezi wa saba, na tutamaliza ujenzi mwezi wa nane. Baada ya miezi michache, mkuu wetu wa jamii ya Terrat kwenye Napokie Foundation, Nasinyari Marko, atafika ndoto yake ya kuwa na mfumo mzima ya shule anayeweza kudumisha peke yake na msaada ya jamii yake.

Jijumlishe kuhusu maendeleo yetu kwenye website ya Napokie:

Ukitaka kutusaidia:

Ukitaka kutusaidia na vitendo vyo vyote vya ordha ya chini, tafadhali tutumie ujumbe kwenye email ya napokie (

1.  Tunapanga programu ya kujitolea wiki mbilii ya mwezi wa nane ili wajitolea pamoja na jamii ya Terrat kusaidia na utekelezaji wa ujenzi wa shule. Wajitolea watafanya kazi za muhimu sana pamoja na kuhudhuria jamii na utamaduni wa Maasai. Nafasi hiyo ni nzuri sana kwa watu wo wote wanotaka kutusaidia na kushiriki na utamaduni wa Maasai.

2.  UKO NYC? Tupo hapa pia! Mkuu wa Napokie Foundation, Jaclynn Chiodini, sasa anakaa NYC na anafanya kazi na washirika wa BeSomeoneNYC ili tupange haraka hiyo maendeleo. UKO TANZANIA? Tunaumba kundi la wajitolea kutusaidia kijijini na Nasinyari na jamii. UKO MAHALI PENGINE DUNIANI? Ni sawa! Bado unaweza kutusaidia! Napokie ina kundi la wasaidizi kutoka duniani. Kwa hiyo kama una wazo au ujuzi kuhusu maendeleo ya shule au kuanzia programu za kutoa fedha kwa kudumisha shule, Tujulishe! Watu wanaotaka kutusaidia kupitia njia yo yote, tafadhali tutumie ujumbe kwenye email ya Napokie.

3.  Wazo wa programu zingine za kutoa fedha kwa shule. Ukitaka kuongea kuhusu wazo hiyo kudumisha shule tutumie ujumbe. Tunatafuta watu wanao kuwa na ujuzi kuhusu biashara za jamii au maendeleo wa jamii.

Ashee Naling :)

“Please Support Water Development in Rural Regions of Tanzania”

Published on


Written by Jaclynn Chiodini, Founder/Coordinating Director of the Napokie Foundation in November 2012 during the drought in Mrandawa:

While staying in Lendikinya, you rarely see many people in the village; everything looks deserted and quiet, periodically you may hear a giggle from one of the children or a grunt from a goat trotting by. The women don’t appear to exist during the day and only a few elders sit idly by their homes. Outside of the Community Director’s home, on top of a small mountain, is the open-air nursery school of the Mrandawa Initiative of the Napokie Foundation. Around forty-five students sit under an Acacia Tree or cram into the Baha’i church when it’s unoccupied to learn basic Swahili, English, Reading and Writing and Mathematics.

You would never assume there was any crisis of water in this village where every person who sees you exchanges friendly greetings and hugs with you, and invites you to their homes to share tea. You would never assume that the women arriving to the village at around 2:30 pm who energetically shake your hand, greeting you with a “Takwenya,” (the Maasai greeting for a woman), and who pull you into a tight, warm hug when you answer with the correct reply, “Iko,” had just come back from a journey that began at 5:00 AM to search for water at a far-off water hole, carrying heavy containers on their heads for over 50 km. You would never assume that the warriors (young men) who sat with me for over an hour, giggling at my attempts at speaking Maa with beaming smiles on their faces, were behind the scenes watching their cattle die from lack of water.

But unfortunately, that is the reality. The elderly are becoming sick, children are becoming sick, and cattle are dying off at such a rate that most warriors have left the village all together to search for water for their cattle elsewhere in Tanzania until the crisis is over. But community leaders are warning that the crisis will only escalate. As the West still debates over the reality of climate change, communities in Mrandawa and most of the area of Monduli are seeing their family, friends, communities, and way of life being threatened by increasingly periodic droughts.

This lack of water jeopardizes any attempts at developing the school in Lendikinya. If there is no water, there is no life. We, as a global community, must act together to provide Mrandawa with a water system that will save the Maasai people and way of life in Mrandawa. Only when every person in the community is properly hydrated with clean water can we truly envision our dream of developing a community-centered school system in the village.

How to Help

New Listing on!

New Listing on!

Please check out our new listing on! A great source for networking between individuals and organizations dedicated to the defense of livelihoods and cultures around the world. Make sure you like us and check out our first story published by Jaclynn Chiodini, the Co-Founder and Coordinating Director of the organization, detailing the ongoing environmental issues in the communities and the urgent need to support water infrastructure in the villages!